Personal Counselling and Guidance

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Counselling and Guidance have today become the watchwords; almost a professional preparation for a very successful living. Here at Sahaayata, counselling and guidance is given a even better meaning and is taken to the next level by being a customized and individualized counsel carved entirely from one’s individual experiences right from birth which have been the main determinant / road map of our life. Our repeated attempts to eliminate / alter / modify  / transform the experiences for better ones often go waste as our program of life remains unchanged. Sahaayata helps reveal in the personal counselling and guidance sessions, the program of our life and emerging patterns which have a basic composition due to our individual choices, temperaments, perceptions, decisions, attitudes, lack of awareness and above all the absence of  spiritual insights. Sahaayata helps us to discover this phase in our life to transform us through counseling, healings, prayers and the practice of certain spiritual exercises, which pave the new ground in our life. You now have an opportunity to interact with most simple, yet vast two decades of knowledge and experience in spiritual guidance, teachers at Sahaayata, directly and personally for guidance and re-scripting your deep-rooted issues.

Such guidance shall be received either by telephone, video-conference (skype etc.) or in person, free of cost. You are just a phone call away. Contact us for fixing up a session.

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