Sahaayata Prayer and Meditation Centre

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This centre is the vortex of prayers, healings, blessings, life guidance, career – family – marital counseling, besides mainly spiritual emancipation. Designed to provide a homely environment, which is devoted to the larger cause of humanitarian work, it also serves as a spiritual powerhouse to channel one’s life in the path of growth, contribution and success. The material and spiritual life balance is a major focus of this centre and all participants have a major takeaway by associating with the events regularly organized; specially healings and prayers which we are not too sure to handle without the able wise counsel of spiritual teachers. The faculty and trained sahaayaks at the centre have a significant training and exposure to some of India’s most powerful techniques of spiritual practices and are competent to administer the principles, which are life transforming. A glimpse into any one of the events organized here can give you a taste of the depth of the outreach of the processes and the deeply impacting and influencing effect, it has on our lives. For a first hand personal experience, please make it convenient to physically participate and be present by registering for a program at the Centre – as we believe – “The taste of the pudding is in the eating!”