Share Your Experience


share light 

Individual experiences are rare personal events that manifest in our lives. It becomes our duty to share some of the joyous and miraculous experiences with others so that they can serve as lighthouses to those who are in the dark phases of their life and see this as a ray of hope to cling on to. Experience sharing has a two way circuit.

It helps and encourages the other to attempt to seek spiritual guidance in life and thus one earns a blessing of satkarma.

Secondly sharing the experience also helps in reinforcing the joy within the self to duplicate it further in our day to day living.

Apart from duplicating the effect, it also has the power to manifest with ever greater efficacy in our life again.

Experience sharing also helps documents one’s learning and also serves as aguideline for others to be progressive in one’s spiritual outlook towards life.

So all are encouraged to extensively share (post) their experiences. It will be the effort of Sahaayata to bring it up on the website as authentically as possible.

Share your Experience