Youth Excellence Workshop

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For Educational Institutions

As an educational institution engaged in imparting technical and professional learning to a new generation of students, you shoulder the sacred responsibility in also imparting ‘life skills’ to your students to be able to discover, enjoy and fulfill the purpose of our human birth.

The Sahaayata principles not only enable participants to combat, cope, overcome, manage, conform, etc., to the ‘challenges‘ of life, but also enable life as a ‘journey of personal discovery’, a ‘joy’ and a ‘fulfilling experience’.

We are very excited about integrating the quintessential wisdom of Sahaayata as part of your educational institution’s core curriculum which we believe will transform the very perspective of students and teachers together in a pioneering effort which will serve as a model for emulation by others.

Duration of the Program

The “Youth Excellence Program” is designed for all cross-sections of youth falling within the age group of 15 to 30 years with different durations.  However, it is designed to span a period of 12 to 16 hours for students in an institution. We would generally be starting the program at 9:00 am or 2:00 pm (depending on the convenience of the institution) and ending at 6:00 pm on the first day and starting at 9 am and ending at 6:00 pm on the second day. These timings can be changed as per the convenience of the institution.

Contents of the “Youth Excellence Program”

■     Invocation of the Cosmos and nature

■     An awareness on one’s Health - Body, Mind and Spirit

■     The 3 - Dimensions and the Mystical Triangle

■     Liberation from past emotions and hurts

■     Setting right relationship with parents, teachers and peers

■     Discovering what one loves to do and work towards it

■     Improving the faculties of concentration, visualisation etc. 

■     Handling one’s fears – conscious and unconscious (of exams in particular)

■     Facing various challenges – cultural, gender, social, peers, elders etc.

■     Unleashing hidden potentials

■     Awakening the leader in you

■     Re-scripting and setting of goals

■     Better Health and Vitality

■     Right Livelihood

■     Learning and imbibing values of life

■     Creative Visualisation to fulfil dreams and vision

■     Prayers, Blessings and Healings for realisation of Vision


To catalyse a discovery of latent and potent powers within the youth to facilitate eradication of negative and energy sapping tendencies. To facilitate a harmonious flow of energies from the inner fountainhead, which shall improve health, discovering love in relationships and better quality of an individual leading to value added living and success.


At the venue arranged by your institution (Assembly Hall / Auditorium / Big Classroom etc. within / outside the institution. It may be in any other public place.

Batch size   

It could be any size depending on the number of students.


The derivative method of learning would be employed which would ensure simple, yet profound values and principles, audio and visual aids, interactive sessions, contemplations, prayers, healings, humour, seriousness, etc.

Follow Up   

Follow up sessions may be organized after the course, to improve the quality of the participants depending on how and when the institution would like to arrange for it.

Free Personal Counseling 

Participants can take free guidance, clarification of doubts etc. from the faculty in future for their self-development. The faculty shall be present for a couple of hours or a day in the town/city for personal counseling, after the program.

Incidental arrangements to be made by you  

To and fro travel (by air / 2 Tier AC / Taxi) from Sahaayata Headquarters or from the previous place of program or otherwise (within India) for the faculty. His / her boarding, accommodation, local conveyance and other incidental requirements, etc. are also to be borne by you.

Course Fees             

Rs. 500/- per participant plus incidental expenses of the faculty 

Noble Cause  

Sahaayata is a not for profit making socio-spiritual organisation with an objective to help and guide people to be happy, healthy, successful and prosperous thus to improve the quality of living. It is a process of nation building, nay, person building.

Recommendation - Sahaayata is not looking for making money from programs conducted in non-commercial organisations. However, it is recommended that a voluntary nominal fee may be charged from the participant and Sahaayata would love to teach and execute, through all the participants, the utilization of that money so collected, to help the needy thereby enhancing gratitude and the “Sahaayata” quality of every participant experientially.   

Dates of the Program

Please communicate your confirmation and tentative dates to organise the program for your esteemed institution.

Program Execution

On receipt of your confirmation to organise the “Sahaayata Youth Excellence Program”, our Programs Operations Executive (POE) will keep in touch with you and the faculty and provide you with necessary support material and guidelines; and assist you further with any clarifications to your queries that you may have, for the smooth and successful conduct of the program

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Forthcoming Youth Excellence Workshop

Dates: 26 & 27 December 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)

Duration: 9 am to 6 pm

Language: Hindi 

Venue: Sahaayata Prayer and Meditation Centre, Canal Street, 2nd Lane Ext., Gandhi Nagar, Berhampur

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