Sarva Dukha Nivaarana Puja

Vinayaka Haldi


Suffering and humanity are simultaneous and a universal phenomenon. Rarely you find a human who has no suffering and who truly lives life. Suffering for the human begins in the womb and should be treated early in life. If not treated, it may still continue to the next birth!

Sahaayata helps one identify the 3 types of sufferings – Physical-Psychological-Spiritual : It helps some to become aware that we are suffering even without knowing it. It also reveals that there is a state without suffering which we have not yet lived. Sahaayata helps discover that phase of life which moves on from existing to living. The Psychological suffering which relates to the mind, influences our value systems, belief systems, emotions, feelings, perceptions, manifesting as psychosomatic behavioural patterns; The Physical suffering relates to the body and external world which is tangible, visible to the eyes and for everyone to see, hear and experience; The Spiritual suffering is virtually unknown to most people, even through one's entire lifetime. It comes in the form of fundamental questions. Only a blessing in the form of awareness can take us to acknowledge the presence of this suffering.

Sahaayata – conducts Sarva Dukha Nivaarana Puja

A series of sessions for the benefit of all participants and gradually dissects each state of human suffering, one by one, in a continuous series over the weeks. Though every session is unique and profound which focusses on any one value or aspect of liberation (Dukha Nivarana), missing even one session would be missing an opportunity; we cannot afford to miss.

The Sarva Dukkha Nivaaran Puja in Sahaayata also include the processes, practices , sadhanas, meditations, prayers, group prayers and rituals that form part of the process of attaining liberation from our type of personal suffering. All are encouraged to take on the spiritual key to unlock the mystery behind our 3 fold sufferings and become aware of their existence. By participating in Sarva Dukha Nivaarana Puja, one finds a new perspective to life and renew one's way of living to altered states. Many have been benefitting and more so will benefit in the days to come. All are deeply encouraged to personally visit and experience this liberating feeling from suffering and enjoy the new life. It is from the transformation manifesting in your life, that will encourage you to be a contributor to society by helping others to also grow along with you. Awareness is a powerful tool and at various levels it can slowly help us in overcoming the limitations we have set for ourselves, to live a life unbounded, fulfilled and joyous.


Sahaayata Prayer and Meditation Centre from 6 to 8 pm, every Thursday.