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Sahaayata ... a new age facility for holistic living...

The Sahaayata is a holistic facility engaged in the evolution of humanity to a state of joyous living and evolving into a superior species living a fulfilled life, integrated with its environment.

Sahaayata administers its principles and experiences through the various activities, programs, courses and video conferences which are being engaged by corporates, organisations, educational institutions, individuals, teams of like minded people for their overall personal benefit and later being contributors to society at large. The participants include a diverse group of people from various social strata, including technocrats, bureaucrats, politicians, educationists, professionals, celebrities, scientists etc., besides youth and children.

Sahaayata brings  about an innate understanding of the operations of the fundamental principles and spiritual laws which govern human lives.

At Sahaayata, we believe:


“Happy individuals make a happy and a successful family, organisation, community and society”.



Sahaayata "The Science of Happiness" Programs Series

Deep Spiritual Experiences for Success, Better Living and Excellence 

Man’s basic nature is to desire which is insatiable and unstoppable. Desires have to be fulfilled or dissolved and we need to work towards this end to become happy. Most desires are not fulfilled due to lack of right knowledge, right thoughts, words, actions, emotions, feelings, etc. besides relationships and mental framework which may not be right. One needs clear vision, focus, concentration etc. Moreover fear, hurt, hatred etc., act as impediments. "The Science of Happiness" series deals with these issues culminating in the fulfilment of our desires in the form of a boon from the Divine to emerge with an inner transformation leading to happiness.

Duration: 2 or 3 Hours    

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Stress Relief and NOT Management

  • Re-Defining Stress
  • How to Diminish Day-to-Day Stress
  • How to cope with Different Kinds of Stress
  • Stress Relief vs Stress Management
  • How to Be More Efficient, Productive and Effective
  • Quick, Simple, and Easy Techniques for Stress Relief


Balancing between the External & Internal World Challenges                       

  • Identification of the dimensions of life
  • Differentiation and discrimination of the Internal and the External
  • How the principles in both the worlds are different
  • The direct impact of this understanding on our day to day life


Awakening the Divine Within

  • Discover the Power of the Divine
  • Mystical Experiences
  • Explore Divine Intervention for Day-to-Day Challenges
  • Learn the Art of Receiving Divine Grace
  • Take Home the Divine Presence


Awakening Sacredness                                              

  • An introspection into oneself
  • Acceptance of the negative side
  • Loving oneself
  • Prayer for the Divine Grace in the form of Sacrednes


Re-igniting Love in Relationships

  • Hurt, Anger, Hatred & Frustration in Relationships
  • The Role of your Ego in Relationships
  • Forgiving and not Forgetting
  • How to Release, Forgive and discover Love 


Freedom from Fear and Insecurity

  • Re-defining Fear
  • Distinguish the Different Forms of Fears
  • Conscious and Unconscious Fears
  • Freedom from Fear
  • First Aid Tips to Handle Fear


Liberation from Past Conditioning: Re-Scripting

  • Fundamental Reasons for day to day challenges
  • Your Thinking Patterns
  • Identify mental formations and thought processes
  • Healing of Past Conditioning by Divine Presence
  • Cleansing Your Chakras (Energy Centers)


Conscious and Effective Parenting

  • Realise the impact of parents' thoughts, words and actions on children
  • Introspection and contemplation
  • Discharge of past baggage and suffering
  • Transformation of negative thinking patterns
  • Simple, easy and profound parenting tips


What are Chakras – Energy Centres

  • Relationship between Chakras and Emotions
  • Reasons and consequences of Blocked Chakras
  • Chakras Cleansing though powerful Meditations
  • And Divine Intervention


Yoga and Meditation for Energy, Vitality and Success 

  • Basics of Yoga 
  • Simple, Easy and Profound Asanas (Postures)  
  • Surya Namaskaras – the Sahaayata way
  • Meditations - Pranayama and Pranakriya


Other Workshops

2 Days Body, Mind and Heart Workshop (For Organisations)



Those who wish to organise a Workshop or a 2-3 hour Talk / Get Together / Seminar or Workshop in home / Institution / Office / corporation / Association / Club etc. may do so. Should you require more information or discuss with our volunteer, please write to us at Programs Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or contact us at +91 9551505762 / +91 9686455230 / +91 9986045285 (Whatsapp Also)





Anubhava Workshop 16-17 Mar (Sat & Sun) 9 am to 6 pm Sahaayata Prayer and Meditation Centre, Canal Street, 2nd Lane Extn., Gandhi Nagar 1500/- (2000/- after 14 Feb)

9338553980 9090505035

Re-Scripting Retreat 8 -10 Mar (Fri - Sun) 6 am to 7 pm Sahaayata Prayer and Meditation Centre, Canal Street, 2nd Lane Extn., Gandhi Nagar 10,000/- (12,000/- after 28 Feb) 8332911926 9090505035 Register


Anubhava Workshop

2-3 Mar (Sat & Sun)

9 am to 6 pm Stratford University, Sector 126, Noida  2000/- (2500/- after 25 Feb)

8808805765 9205628609



Anubhava Workshop 15-16 Feb (Fri & Sat) 9 am to 6 pm Will be notified shortly 2000/- (2,500/- after 20 Feb)

7978499404 7008825107



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