Create your own Divine Medicine

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Take a glass of water and sit in front of the Lord’s Murthi (Picture of any form of God which you are most comfortable). Put some Tulasi (Basil) leaves into the water. Chant the relevant SHLOKA OR MANTRA relating to the Lord for 21 times and pray to the Lord to bless the water with His Divine Grace to convert the water into medicine for your ailment which you want to heal. For example, if you want to get cured of fever, please pray to the Lord to transform the water into medicine for fever. While praying, visualize that the Lord is blessing the water and converting it into medicine, particularly for your disease. After completing the prayer, consume one or two Tulasi leaves and one drop of water sacredly. Take one drop of water and apply it on the affected area of the body, if applicable. Sprinkle the rest of the water in the house especially at all the corners to remove the negative energies of the house and sanctify. Do this whole-heartedly and sincerely for 21 days. The results are tremendous and incredible.