Inauguration of Sahaayata Centre

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– A Socio Spiritual Centre in Gandhi Nagar, Brahmapur, Odisha

Sahaayata – Help yourself to help others

is a socio-spiritual organisation formed with an objective of empowering every individual, family and organisation in general and the under-privileged in particular.

SAHAAYATA PRAYER and MEDITATION CENTRE, Canal Street, 2nd Lane, Gandhi Nagar, Brahmapur was inaugurated on Friday, 19 February 2016 at 7:30 am with Sri Maha Ganapati Puja and Havan. The first Inaugural Program by name “Sahaayata Sarva Dukha Nivarana Puja” was conducted from 6 to 8 pm by Kiran ji of Sahaayata which would continue every Friday from 6 to 8 pm. The program was well attended by persons of eminence from Brahmapur. Amongst the participants were Sri Amitabh Thakur, IPS, Inspector General of Police, Dr. Krishna Mohan Pathi, Former Principal, MKCG Medical College, Dr. Padmanabha Rao, Dr. P Venugopal, CA B Ganga Raju, CA B Vijay etc.

Sahaayata Founder, Sri Kiran, spoke on the dimensions of human suffering, its causes and possibilities of healing / cure. He also spoke on how pain is real and is different from suffering which is imagination.

The Sahaayata initiate has a basket of offerings for individuals, households, Groups, Institutions, Organisations and Corporates alike. The focus being on the basic approach to purpose of our life and the way of living, without being undermined / overwhelmed by individual suffering.

In the inaugural session, Kiran ji discussed the significance of our Internal world having a bearing on our very own external world as a manifestation! The discussions with elite participants as Sri Amitabh Thakur, IGP, Brahmapur ranged from handling suffering and stress through meditative techniques and through being aware of one's state, the need to prioritise one's time for experiencing / resolving one's suffering.

Sahaayata intends to offer prayers, meditations, healings, life coaching, personal guidance etc., free of cost everyday at the Sahaayata Centre:

Sahaayata Sarva Dukha Nivarana Puja from 6 to 8 pm every friday were also announced besides 2 days free workshops – on weekends starting from 13 March 2016 delivered in Telugu, Oriya and Hindi alternatively for the benefit of the masses.

This offer is also open to Institutions and Corporates alike considering the institutional purpose of conducting the programme on their premises or at Sahaayata Centre by invitation.

Sri Kiran emphasised upon human suffering against all odds today especially the poor and marginalized sections that are deeply affected with the added woes of their basic struggle for survival.

Sahaayata's - 'Skills Training' and ‘Leadership Training’ will also be imparted through various platforms and is reasonably accessible for one and all. People are helpless when it comes to addressing stress levels in life. Strained relationships, absence of love and joy from lives, everyday struggles, increased disenchanted behaviour of people is a routine experience for all. External changes are very rapid and most are not able to cope with it. Sahaayata focuses on bridging this vacuum in their lives created and delivered by experienced faculty with over 20 years footprint in life coaching and counseling for individuals and groups. Sahaayata emerges on the horizon as your friend in need.

"We do not want to give you crutches; we would like to empower you to handle your life’s opportunities and challenges more effectively; In other words, Sahaayata is not about fish, but fishing”.

Our inspiration is our timeless heritage and its perennial knowledge and wisdom from all over. “Let noble thoughts come from all directions”, the Rig Vedic adage inspires us and we would like to share with everyone this wisdom which can empower each of us not just to solve our issues but also help others solve theirs” - Sri Kiran, Founder, Sahaayata.

We invite you to partner with us to create a better world for each of us individually and collectively.


2nd Floor, Lane Opposite to Hotel Moti, Canal Street, 2nd Lane Extn. Gandhi Nagar,

Brahmapur, Ganjam Dist., Odisha – 760001, Telefax: +91 680 2225691,

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