Sahaayata Re-scripting Retreat

A journey into yourself

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Every person, big or small, is a biological computer. What goes in as input is processed inside and comes out as output. Thus, our behaviour is an outcome of all the experiences which have happened in our past. From our past experiences, we have taken some decisions. These decisions are taken in the mother’s womb, early childhood and in the later years. Amongst all decisions, those taken in the womb and in the early childhood are most powerful and are ruling our actions. We are unconscious of these decisions and hence we are not aware of how they are controlling our thoughts, words and actions. These decisions also affect the various incidents which we come across, the kind of people we meet, the way we percieve reality etc. in our lives. Thus, our life is beautiful or not.  Most of our problems in the areas of health, finances, relationships, career, marriage, progeny etc. are a manifestation of these decisions.

There is a way to re-script or re-program our past. That does not mean that we can change our past but we can reduce or remove the negative impact of our past experiences and bring about a transformation in the thinking patterns, perceptions and mental formations to a considerable extent leading to a change in our internal and external life.

Sahaayata frequently organises these ‘Re-scripting Retreats’ conducted by its efficient faculty with a footprint of 20 years in this sphere who have themselves undergone very deep and esoteric spiritual practicies. Their love and care with complete dedication and commitment to help humanity wins half the battle. The remaining is a benediction by the Divine Presence.

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Re-scripting Retreat

A journey into yourself


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Re-Scripting Retreat

29, 30 Nov, 1 Dec

6 am to 8 pm Canal Street, 2nd Lane Extn, Gandhi Nagar, Brahmapur 10,000/- 





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1.  Maximum Batch size: 20

2.  The net proceeds of these retreats are utilised in free spiritual education imparted to the poor and needy in the various programs which Sahaayata conducts.