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Youth Excellence Program - Red Cross School for the Blind

Sahaayata converged on the campus of the Red Cross School for the Blind, Brahmapur to conduct a 2 day Youth Excellence workshop for students of the Red Cross School for the Blind on March 30-31, 2016. It’s unique exposure for both the faculty and the 100 students from Primary, Middle & Secondary school actively attended the Sahaayata workshop to experience the way of living, mainly focused on development of mind - body - spirit – consciousness.

Ganapathypic The 100 students were accompanied with the Institute’s local staff members,     Teachers and also the Principal at whose behest this programme was held. The students were overjoyed through the 2 days programme. The objective of this exercise as outlined by the faculty Sri Chakradhar ji was mainly to reach out to the students and give them inner strength in living their lives more productively and joyfully despite the physical handicap. It was mainly to liberate them from their inner world suffering, who although share our Planet, still live in a different world. Life without vision can be a very fearsome experience and to be able to cope with such handicap needs a special exposure. One cannot imagine the preparations that a soul has to make and the experience it undergoes when born with the disability of loss of vision.Integrating the spiritual principles of living into the world of the blind is not an easy exercise in communication. However, Sri Chakradhar ji, a very advanced spiritual master in the field who has regularly conducted programmes for masses, for the welfare of thousands of participants, took to the task with deep sense of confidence, since he is endowed with the exceptional ability to feel the ‘other’ in the delivery of thought at the level of the heart. Students felt deep joy within and said that they had never experienced so much happiness in their lives. They were taught the practice of self healing and also the practice of group healing. Some of the students reported a heightened sense of concentration while studying. Several experienced the vision of ‘jyoti’ in their inner being. The students were also taught the practice of right prayer to their chosen God. Above all, at the end of the workshop the students were unwilling to let go the faulty Sri Chakradhar ji, whom they took to very fondly. This itself speaks volumes of how much he had endeared himself to them through the Sahaayata programme in the course of just two days.

Sahaayata as a Socio-Spiritual Organisation has examined the need to reach out to deprived sections of the society as a priority area of the work they Chakrandji Classhave undertaken. Sri Chakradhar, Programme Faculty, very subtly conveyed the teachings / ideas in a very simple and lucid manner which were well received by the young students, which they found thrilling, exciting and easy to comprehend.

The condition of any blind person as you may imagine is perhaps a brief interlude in time, in the journey of a soul’s several births on Earth. It is not by chance that such a congenital event descends on an individual without a higher cause. Discovering the purpose of such an event and training to live life normally despite the handicap with joy, a sense of purpose and productively engaging in all activities performed by normal individuals was the main objective of the workshop. The acceptance of one’s birth itself is a ‘sadhana’, carved to fulfill a higher purpose.

It has also been felt that the workshop being successful will again be taken up as and when required for the students.