Sri Chakradhar


A personal spiritual counselor and a relationships genius for over a decade and a half, discovered his calling to the path of humanitarian work early in life, even as he was schooling in the pure idyllic environs of now Brahmapur (erstwhile Berhampur) in Odisha, where he was born and had his formal upbringing, till the completion of his graduation from the Berhampur University. 

As the only male child of his parents, Chakradhar ji did not flinch from choosing a path of monkhood so early in life. The world of spirituality transcends all barriers and like a vortex of a spiritual whirlpool, after a most distinguished immersive exposure to the profound principles of spirituality in a socio spiritual organization, Chakradhar ji experienced his mystical inner awakening and discovered his calling as a spiritual coach and counselor, to which is dedicated his birth. Even as a family man now, Chakradhar ji continues to enthrall his audiences with the simplicity of his personality. The discovery of his communication with his higher self through his conscience and this inner calling, made him spontaneously discover spirituality as his life’s destiny, mission and purpose.

After hundreds of spiritual processes, which he personally administered to countless thousands across Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, in Telugu, Oriya, Hindi etc., Chakradhar ji believes that one should discover to ‘live in a state of perpetual joy’ – and also that ‘relationships’ alone are key to human progress and determine the scales of one’s spiritual ascendance in life.

Chakradhar ji, specializes in conducting spiritual processes for masses, regardless of one’s religious affiliations, vaastu counseling and corrections, personalized mystical healing sessions for physical and spiritual bodies, besides teaching techniques to be practiced for finding and living in states of perpetual joy.

The world today thirsts for spiritual solutions for everyday problems and we are gradually loosing our ability to provide for a new generation with our old dogmas. The time is ripe to engage with masters as Chakradhar ji who have evolved from their destiny to their calling - dedicating themselves to society. Despite a towering name, Sri Chakradhar is the living epitome of humility and simplicity, while being profound in his thoughts, words and actions.  Chakradhar ji has endeared himself deeply to his audiences through the de-addiction processes, relationships healings, career – job counseling, marital counseling, parents-children relationship healings, besides extensive work undertaken in rural and tribal welfare – his area of specialization. It is a rare privilege, to find a master, who places your welfare above all else, and experiences joy in your discovering INNER JOY, with his visionary and spiritual insights, serving as both his guidance and benediction. A people’s person, keenly sensitive to the human condition – Sri Chakradhar envisions a united world, living in joy, despite their diversity and living in a state of togetherness, discovering the spiritual purpose of life and the godly way of living.